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Lorali is a novel by Laura Dockrill about a boy named Rory who finds a mermaid princess washed up on the shore naked with legs. Lorali is her name.


Lorali is told through three perspectives; Rory, Lorali, and the Sea. Lorali’s perspective was really well written, and had a lot of depth and emotion. You really got a sense of who she was and her opinions. It was also really creative, as Lorali was confused by pretty much everything on land. If you showed her a pencil, she’d try to eat it. Rory’s perspective was amazing too. I think I related more to him, but that’s probably just me not having ever experienced being a mermaid princess to relate to Lorali (stupid not being a mermaid  princessness). The Sea… I feel like it didn’t contribute much to be honest. There were some moments told through the Sea that added a lot to the story, but other than that… eh. Lorali has a lot of more “mature” themes. Also a lot of swearing. The copy I got literally came with a sign on the back that said 15+, But I still read it because I know Laura Dockrill and it was a birthday present from her so… I read it at maybe 11? The language suited the story so well. If it was Rory, it suited his sixteen year old male speaking patterns. If it was Lorali, it was like an intelligent child. If it was the Sea, it was wise and gentle. I particularly loved the setting. A small town with a sort of gentle, welcoming, county vibe. Very cute and quaint.

I would say more, but I don’t want to give anyone spoilers. Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, and recommend it to anyone over the age of… I was gonna say 15, but then I’m a hypocrite, so… don’t read it if you’re younger than 11. One last quick note:  there’s a label on my book that says ‘a colourful mermaid novel that’s not for the faint of heart’. If you have a faint heart: read it anyway. If you didn’t it would be quite sad.


julianne Centre for Youth Literature

Great review! We have added Lorali to the book database too.

20th Jun, 18

Yay! Thank you!

20th Jun, 18